What do you do in Electrical and Computer Engineering?

In the Electrical and Computer Engineering major (ECET) at the Middlesex County Academy, we touch on a variety of topics ranging from basic computer programming to advanced electrical circuits.

  • Freshman Year: Boolean logic, basic C++ programming, and DC Circuit Analysis.
  • Sophomore Year: Integrated Circuit Logic Families, Finite State Machines, Latches and Flip-Flops, Memory, Op-Amps, Microcontrollers
  • Junior Year: Object Oriented C++, AC Circuit Analysis, Electronic and Digital Communication Systems
  • Senior Year: Senior Project

While each year builds on previous topics, eventually culminating in the final senior project, there is no assumption of prior knowledge upon entering the class in ninth grade. For example, students aren’t expected to already know how to program or analyze circuits.

About Eric Jeney:

Eric Jeney graduated from the Academy in 2012 and is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. He has recently interned at Google and Palantir Technologies.

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