What do you do in Civil and Mechanical Engineering?

In the Civil/Mechanical Engineering major (CMET) at the Middlesex County Academy, many hands-on activities, such as product analysis, run in parallel with learning about manufacturing processes, nanotechnology, and more.

  • Freshman Year: Engineering Design overview, Drafting, Manufacturing Process, Project Scheduling, Nanotechnology, CAD
  • Sophomore Year: Vectors, Statics, Simple Machines, Thermodynamics, CAD
  • Junior Year: Stress/Strain, Beam Theory, Column Analysis, Mechanics/Machine Design, Electricity Basics, Alternative Energy, Stats, CAD
  • Senior Year: Senior Project, CAD

Some special assignments:

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD): Creation of various 3D part and product models on the computer with Autodesk Inventor.
  • Product Analysis: Week-long project involving breaking apart a product into its components and parts, analyzing its functions, and completing poster presentations and a written report.
  • Learning Centers: Different manufacturing processes are analyzed by completing real hands-on industrial processes such as thermoforming, spring winding, and plastic extrusion molding.

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About Maya Pandurangan:

Maya Pandurangan is a current student at the Academy, set to graduate in 2018. She's studying Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

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