What do you do for gym?

If you’ve visited the Middlesex County Academy, you may have noticed that the building doesn’t have its own gym. Instead, the Academy uses Middlesex County College’s gym for its physical education classes. At the start of class, students walk with their teacher to the gym, get changed in the college’s locker rooms, have class, change back into their school clothes, and finally walk back to school.

By using the college’s gym, Academy students have a wider variety of activities available to them than at many regular high schools. For example, classes often involve swimming in the college’s indoor swimming pool, or playing racquetball in the college’s racquetball courts.

Students have gym two days a week (once for 45 minutes, the other for 88), as well as one health or drivers education period per week.

About Eric Jeney:

Eric Jeney graduated from the Academy in 2012 and is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. He has recently interned at Google and Palantir Technologies.

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