Student Perspectives

We’ve asked some Academy students and alumni to provide their personal perspectives on the Academy experience here. You can trust that these students are giving their honest opinions, and have not been required in any way to only write nice things about the Academy (in fact, we’ve encouraged them to point out any negatives they may have). We hope they give you more personal views into Academy life.

  • Testimonials

    • Joseph Schiavone

      The Middlesex County Academy is not really a school, it’s an opportunity. If you let it, it will transform you from an ambitious student into an incredible and wholesome person. The question is whether you are the sort of person who can take advantage of that opportunity. The Academy is definitely not for everyone, but for the right people it will provide the experience of a lifetime.

    • David Schildkraut

      I applied to the Academy on a whim. I had just found out that I was getting an A- in algebra I, meaning that I would not be considered for double honors in high school. In my state of denial,

    • Kevin DeMaio

      One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to attend the Academy. Without that school I can tell you for a fact that I would not be where I am today. At the Academy, I was Varsity Soccer Captain, Student Council Vice President, MALS founding member, Ski-Trip aid, and Red-Cross Club founding member.

    • Eric Jeney

      I first learned about the Middlesex County Academy from my middle school guidance counselor in the fall of 2007, and I quickly fell in love. Although it wasn’t easy, I managed to convince my parents to let me apply. When I received my acceptance letter in early February of 2008, I hardly had to think about my decision. And now, years later, I can confidently say that choosing to go to the Middlesex County Academy was one of the best decisions of my life.

    • Jessica Mavadia-Shukla

      My name is Jessica Mavadia-Shukla, I am an alumni and the valedictorian of the 3rd graduating class of the Academy in 2006. My experience at the Academy has been unrivaled and set the course for my future. When I was

    • Pooja Sheth

      Transitioning to high school is more than just moving to another school, it is a time for young students to build a foundation upon which they will develop their work ethic, career goals, and knowledge. Attending The Middlesex County Academy

    • Jake Binstein

      For me, the Academy represents one of the happiest times in my life. It’s the one place I felt fully accepted, fully engaged in learning, and fully secure in my surroundings. That’s a pretty rare feeling for some of us

    • Max Mintz

      I am continually surprised by my peers after graduation. Our firm has advised a number of academy grads on their resumes, and I have found time and time again that those people who survive the academy go on to do great things. It is a unique place, set up so that the students who come out the other end have learned lessons which cannot be taught, they can only be learned.

    • Mariyah Wojcik

      Want to go to a great high school, but you’re not sure that you want to be an engineer or a doctor? That’s okay. The Academy is still for you. I graduated from the Academy in 2012 and many of