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What do you do in Civil and Mechanical Engineering?

In the Civil/Mechanical Engineering major (CMET) at the Middlesex County Academy, many hands-on activities, such as product analysis, run in parallel with learning about manufacturing processes, nanotechnology, and more. Freshman Year: Engineering Design overview, Drafting, Manufacturing Process, Project Scheduling, Nanotechnology,

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What do you do in Electrical and Computer Engineering?

In the Electrical and Computer Engineering major (ECET) at the Middlesex County Academy, we touch on a variety of topics ranging from basic computer programming to advanced electrical circuits. Freshman Year: Boolean logic, basic C++ programming, and DC Circuit Analysis.

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Do I need previous experience with engineering?

Nope. Most students who enter the Middlesex County Academy do not have previous experience with engineering, and no experience is required before entering. In students’ freshman year, they spend their first two marking periods in an exploratory program, where they

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