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Is it difficult?

While the Academy is certainly difficult, most students find the workload to be perfectly manageable. The difficulty really does depend both on the class in question, and the student’s abilities. I encourage interested students and parents to refer to some

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What is your Engineering Program?

Perhaps the Academy’s most distinguishing feature is its Engineering program. Every day, students spend 88 minutes in either Electrical / Computer Engineering or Civil / Mechanical Engineering. As freshmen, Academy students are given the opportunity to explore each engineering major.

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How much does it cost?

The Middlesex County Academy is a public school, and as such has no additional tuition. Its operation is primarily funded by the tax payers of Middlesex County, along with additional grants from other sources. Essentially, there is no cost associated

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Who can apply?

The Middlesex County Academy accepts applications from eighth grade students who are residents of Middlesex County, NJ. Students interested in applying are encouraged to look into the official application procedures, paying special attention to the application deadlines. The primary points

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Are students required to bring a laptop to school?

No, students are not required to bring a laptop to school. While some Academy students do bring their laptops to school, the majority actually do not. Those students that do bring laptops to school typically use them to work on

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Where’s the cafeteria?

The Academy doesn’t actually have a cafeteria. With nowhere to buy food, students are expected to bring a lunch from home each day. They may then heat up their lunches in microwaves and eat them in the Commons Area (the

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