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What is the entrance exam like?

A lot of prospective students wonder what they should study for the entrance exam. Our answer is simple, you really shouldn’t worry about studying anything at all. The Middlesex County Academy’s entrance exam only tries to determine how well each

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What foreign languages are offered?

Only Spanish. All Academy students are required to take at least two years of Spanish, with the option to take a third year as their Junior year elective. Because the Academy is such a small school, no other languages are

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What do you do for gym?

If you’ve visited the Middlesex County Academy, you may have noticed that the building doesn’t have its own gym. Instead, the Academy uses Middlesex County College’s gym for its physical education classes. At the start of class, students walk with

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Eric Jeney

I first learned about the Middlesex County Academy from my middle school guidance counselor in the fall of 2007, and I quickly fell in love. Although it wasn’t easy, I managed to convince my parents to let me apply. When I received my acceptance letter in early February of 2008, I hardly had to think about my decision. And now, years later, I can confidently say that choosing to go to the Middlesex County Academy was one of the best decisions of my life.

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What are the students like?

To be honest, there is no “typical” Academy student. The Academy’s student body is a diverse group of students with various interests and hobbies. That said, there are a few qualities that most of us share. In general, Academy students

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What do you do in Electrical and Computer Engineering?

In the Electrical and Computer Engineering major (ECET) at the Middlesex County Academy, we touch on a variety of topics ranging from basic computer programming to advanced electrical circuits. Freshman Year: Boolean logic, basic C++ programming, and DC Circuit Analysis.

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What clubs do you have?

The Academy has a variety of clubs and organizations primarily run by the students, but with faculty advisors. We have many leadership opportunities (Student Council, Peer Tutoring), community service opportunities (Interact, Red Cross Club), and competitive academic opportunities (Math League,

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How many students are in each grade?

Each grade starts with around 40 students. In recent years, some freshman classes have started with 42 students, accounting for the typical freshman year attrition. During the school year, as freshman leave, students on the waiting list are given the

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What about English and History?

Many people unfamiliar with the Academy are often led to believe that every class that students take is somehow related to the fields of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. This is simply not true. Academy students are required to take four

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Do you have sports?

Yes! The Academy has two soccer teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity. While both teams compete in the male divisions, Academy girls are welcome to join. Additionally, if a student wants to play another sport that the Academy doesn’t offer, it

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