Are there women?

A common question about The Academy is whether or not the environment promotes women’s education. Although many STEM occupations, including engineering, have historically been more populated by men, The Academy is one of the institutions that is responsible for shifting the ratio towards equality.

The Academy admits approximately a 50/50 ratio of girls to boys so the environment is accepting and comfortable for everyone. Furthermore, The Academy’s strong STEM curriculum inspires and pushes all attendees to excel thereby peaking women’s’ interest in careers that may have looked intimidating at first. When I attended The Academy, there was even a special program at The Middlesex County College every summer that was specifically for promoting women in engineering.

All in all, I believe that The Academy is a welcoming place for all genders and pushes everyone to excel and find an interest in STEM fields. If you’re a women interesting in pursuing a STEM career, The Academy can give you the leg up to get there.
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About Pooja Sheth:

Pooja Sheth graduated from The Academy in 2010. She graduated college in 2014 with a bachelors in biomedical engineer. Pooja currently studies medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where she is now in her third year.

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